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My name is Anna Kuriata. I’m a certified pilates instructor. Few years ago I weighted 175 pounds and I was trying to find a way to lose those few extra pounds.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve lost over 50 pounds and I’m able to manage the same weight for four years now. Before I started all of this I didn’t really exercise.  I did little things like take a walk with my friends, or take stairs instead of elevator. I was not flexible and my stamina was nearly non-existent.

I started exercising in the health club doing some jogging and cardio workout. A little while later I discovered tennis. I really enjoyed tennis, but my partner and I always struggled to find times to play that worked for both of our schedules.

Finally, three years ago I was introduced to pilates. For me pilates has been a blessing. It’s an art that increase your mental focus, your balance, flexibility and strength. Regular workout and pilates sessions gave me great results. Pilates changed my life over the last three years. I stand taller, I feel better, I’m stronger, more fit, healthier in body and mind. My posture has improved and I’m strong and flexible enough to do things I used to think I’d never achive.

Anna Kuriata